The education of children and young people is such an important task in forming them as free and responsible human beings. It affirms their dignity as an inalienable gift that flows from our original creation as children made in the image and likeness of God.- Pope Francis

Our Lady of Fatima follows the curriculum guidelines put forth by the Archdiocese of Denver Office of Catholic Schools.

Guidelines are reviewed on a five year rotating basis in order to keep them as current as possible.  An Associate Superintendent and a group of teachers in the field meet for one year to update these guidelines.

Curricula in the Arts (Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology) are also provided.

Archdiocese of Denver Catholic School students, teachers, and schools are held to a high standard of continuous improvement by a variety of assessment tools, agencies and internal inspection.  Our schools do not use the Common Core state standards.  The Office of Catholic School has created an FAQ on the use of Common Core in our schools.